Best Freelance Websites for Beginners

Freelance websites serve as valuable tools to grow your career and market your services. Freelance websites act as a bridge between a freelance worker and company, easy to browse and find jobs that match your skills. Freelance websites made 36% of the U.S workforce in 2020 and the percentage is still growing.

Freelance websites are an easier way for beginners as well as pros to earn a steady income online. If you are a skillful beginner and have the potential to work from home, seek a professional career, looking to earn remarkable income online or just want to enjoy the benefits of freelancing, pay consideration to the following standards to choose the best freelance website for you.

  • Pricing and service fees.
  • Freelance categories offered.
  • Website usability and features.
  • Value of opportunities available.
  • Site admiration.
  • Payment protection.
  • Customer service.

There are many freelancing websites claiming to be great for beginners, however, you might feel overwhelmed with the choices. This article aims to list only top-rated best freelance websites where beginners can get freelance jobs fast and easy way. Some of these cater to multiple niches, while some a niche specific.

Read on to discover the list of best freelancing sites to kickstart your freelance career or to take it to the next level. All you have to do is signup, create a great portfolio, upload a few samples take some tests, and prove your skills and you are all set. However, depending on your skills and the niche you are talented in; choose the best freelance website from the list below.

1- Fiverr

Fiver is a freelance website that provides accommodations to different types of professionals like content writers, programmers, graphic designers, digital marketers, and web developers. 

Fiver has 3.42 million active clients as of 2021, making it easy for freelance beginners to land more freelance job opportunities. This freelance website service fee is higher when a buyer purchases a gig, as it automatically charges 20% of the commission fee and sends freelancers 80% of the offered price. Depending on your seller level, fiver usually takes up to 14 days to withdraw your earnings. It is a unique freelance website for you as a beginner because it has: 

  • Secure and private communication channel.
  • Easily sell your services.
  • Secure your personal data.

2- People Per Hour

It is one of the best freelance websites for beginners: offers web designers, developers, content writers, and many other plentiful features including in-app messaging, proposal viewing, invoicing, and account management.

In People Per Hour, your earning depends upon the payment approach you choose for and the client/business you are working for. It provides you with monthly, one-time, and quote based payments which you can choose as per your preference. It also provides you

  • Financial protection. (Down payments are made before starting project).
  • Regional recruitment. (You can search buyers within your region).

3- Flex Jobs

Flex Jobs is a freelance website for beginners which proposes flexible and remote job opportunities in writing, content marketing, and transcription including part time and full time jobs.

It verifies and screens all openings, filters out cheats and fake companies, and doesn’t display any advertisements on its pages. As a beginner, you will need to sign up for a subscription which is available with four subscription plans starting from $6.95/ week. Every subscription gives you 

  • Unlimited access to job listings.
  • Personalized work portfolio.
  • Career advice.
  • Free skills testing.
  • 30-days satisfaction guarantee.
  • 30-days money back guarantee.
  • Reliable support.

4- Dribble

Dribble allows creatives, freelance designers, and illustrators to build their portfolios, get inspiration, connect with other designers and potential clients, also can easily display and promote your work to gain exposure to new job opportunities.

Dribble also provides useful search filters to find jobs that meet your criteria, the more people like your portfolio “shots” the more your work will be improved over others too. On Dribble you will need to upgrade their account to Dribble’s premium subscription to apply to freelance jobs ranging from $5-12/month. Some awesome features of dribble are:

  • Networking and portfolio exposure.
  • Quick access to high paying jobs.
  • User- friendly website.

5- Behance

Like Dribble, Behance is another best freelance website for beginners having illustration, photography, and web designing skills. Behance is a place to get discovered by potential employers, starting by signing up for an account and establishing your profile. Every freelancer gets a personalized job recommendation that matches their skill set and makes it easier for them to find freelance work. Some key features of Behance are:

  • Large audience.
  • Networking opportunities.
  • Personalized content.
  • Competitive environment.
  • Provides job list.


Justremote offers freelance beginners a list of full-time and part-time remote jobs in various categories including project management, software development, copywriting, editing, recruitment, HR, SEO, and social media. Justremote is free for signing up and you can search through thousands of posted jobs. Justremote is unique for:

  • Power search (premium service for job seekers).
  • Unlimited access to additional 2000+ jobs with just $5 for the first month.
  • Reach the right people.
  • Super engagement rates.
  • Quick and easy.

7- Zirtual

Zirtual is a freelance website for beginners which allows you to work remotely full time with ease. You can find many categories on Zirtual for marketing like email marketing, scheduling, researching, and event planning.  Zirtual’s hiring process is tough because it requires tons of experience in working for clients remotely and it only hires virtual assistants who live in the U.S.

8- Text Broker

Text Broker is one of the best freelance websites which offers the best content possible to everyone, everywhere for every situation. Text Broker search for freelance authors, motivate them to write, rate the quality of their work and compensate them for their efforts.

It is the best freelance website for you if you are capable of writing SEO optimized, captivating blog posts & articles, and forthright product descriptions. So, if you are looking to become a freelance writer with no experience, do explore the portal to find a direction for an exciting career.

The Bottom line

With so many freelance websites out there, even there are a lot of freelancing opportunities within some of the best international job sites. it can be hard to pick the best one for you but hopefully, freelance websites can be awesome tools for earning money online.

Regardless of your experience level, you will need to market your skills, set your rates accurately, make sure you earn great reviews, and pitch yourself well to succeed on freelance websites. It doesn’t matter what you do as a regular job, but you can always apply to these freelance websites and lookup for new job opportunities, and make money from home.

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